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Misti Vedik Life is a source to fuel your Mind, Body & Soul. It is not just another Network Marketing company. With an aim to provide the best and most powerful fruits and herbs that GOD has created to mankind in a processed and convenient form, Misti Vedik Life Limited was formed. Come learn more about what we can give you more…..

   About Us

Misti Vedik Life Limited (MVLL) began with a goal to bring to the world the potential of Alternate Medicine. With Ayurveda, Acupressure, Acupuncture, etc being old as the man itself, it has lot of potential.

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HimBliss is a unique combination of 9 powerful Fruits, herbs and flower. It is a very concentrated dietary juice which is rich in vitamins, minerals, anti oxidant, Omega acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, energy, etc....

Misti Fruitilla mango

Introducing Misti Fruitilla - Apricot Guava , A refreshing Apricot and Guava drink with added powerful herbs. Enjoy this concentrated tasty drink and give to your children and guests alike and see the energy levels rise in them..

Misti Fruitilla -Apricot Guava

The biggest pain today for parents is to make their small kids to intake nutritional supplements. Herbal dietary supplements are strong in taste...


Kalinga Herbal Fair, Balasore Odisha

Misti at Govt of Odisha, Kalinga Herbal Fair, Balasore Odisha Schedule Date 08/Feb/2014 - 12/Feb/2014

New Product Launched

Misti launches Himbliss Mave, a juice to vitalize your digestive system.